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भाषान्तरMIRROR     Posted: April 1, 2015

“Congratulations!” said the tall mirror.
“Thanks, but you.?” He checked himself from what he was about to say.
“Your novel has won a prestigious award today.,but still you are not happy.”
“No, no! I am very happy. Its a lucky day for us today. My work has been rewarded, and my wife has been sworn in as a minister.”
“Then why are you so offcolour?’’
“What nonsense are you talking?” he said in a sharp tone. “There will be a party at our place today. We will feed the poor of the whole city as well. This is how we celebrate a happy event.”
“You are hiding something,” said the mirror with the faint appearance of an ironical smile on its lips. “May I …. remind you of something?”
“Start barking,” he growled.
“Today, in the morning, when you saw your son and your servant,Chhotu, sitting together on the sofa, each feeding the other with his hand, you had flared up in a fiery rage.Chhotu’s cheeks still bear the print of your fingers.”
“Rubbish!” He laughed mirthlessly. “Can such a small matter make one sad? Now stop yapping. I have an awful lot to do…; guests will start coming any time.”
“Chhotu!….Ram Deen!” Staring at the mirror, he cried. “Take the mirror away this instant and dump it in the storeroom. Put my enlarged photograph up here instead to create a decorative effect. This must be done before the guests begin to arrive.
( Translation: D. D.SHARAMA)


  • चर्चा में

    हरियाणा साहित्य-संगम में लघुकथा पर विचार -विमर्श( सुकेश साहनी और राम कुमार आत्रेय की भागीदारी ।)
    लघुकथा अनवरत-2017 का विश्व पुस्तक मेले में अयन प्रकाशन के स्टाल पर विमोचन।

  • सम्पर्क:-

    सुकेश साहनी

    185,उत्सव,महानगर पार्ट–2
    बरेली–243122 (उ.प्र.)


    रामेश्वर काम्बोज ´हिमांशु´

    रचनाएँ भेजने के लिए पता-:-


    विशेष सूचना-:-

    पूर्व अनुमति के बिना लघुकथा डॉट कॉंम की सामग्री का उपयोग नहीं किया जा सकता ।

    -सम्पादक द्वय

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