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भाषान्तरAffectation     Posted: May 1, 2015

“I’ll thrust the knife into.” Taking the table knife, three years old Pintu said, staring with angry look at the guests. Though his countenance looks child’s innocence. All the guests burst into laughter at its attracting gesture. Sharma remarked, “The chap is promising one. An infant is known in its cradle.” Pintu’s Pappa took it an irony of Sharma Ji. Protesting it, he stated, “the TV has degraded all of them. Children are tender as flowers. Sex and violence are being presented before them. What they watch so they be.”
Pappa’s lecture might have been longer if there had not been a new blast. Pintu’s Mamma fondling him said, “No, Pintu no, it’s bad habit. Give me the knife…give…”
Pintu also told mother adding a worst abuse, “I will also thrust it into.”
Mamma felt the abuse more piercing than threatening of thrusting knife. The child is of three years but abuse is of thirty years.
“And this bad name ! is it too from TV ?” Sharma teased her.
“No it is from father.” Pintu’s Mamma threw an irritating gaze over her husband. He too turned into rage. So he said to her, “Keep your tongue in control in the presence of the guests.” He pasted also a heavier abuse.
(Translated by-Nandlal Parasramani)



  • चर्चा में

    हरियाणा साहित्य-संगम में लघुकथा पर विचार -विमर्श( सुकेश साहनी और राम कुमार आत्रेय की भागीदारी ।)
    लघुकथा अनवरत-2017 का विश्व पुस्तक मेले में अयन प्रकाशन के स्टाल पर विमोचन।

  • सम्पर्क:-

    सुकेश साहनी

    185,उत्सव,महानगर पार्ट–2
    बरेली–243122 (उ.प्र.)


    रामेश्वर काम्बोज ´हिमांशु´

    रचनाएँ भेजने के लिए पता-:-


    विशेष सूचना-:-

    पूर्व अनुमति के बिना लघुकथा डॉट कॉंम की सामग्री का उपयोग नहीं किया जा सकता ।

    -सम्पादक द्वय

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